Contingency Insurance


Prize Insurance

For companies sponsoring consumer promotions, Prize Insurance allows the sponsor to turn a five figure budget into a seven figure prize pool. Prize Insurance is the magic behind the promotional premise that says win a grand prize AND an additional million dollars if something happens (i.e. their favorite team wins the Super Bowl, they sink a long putt, etc.). BUA can help your client figure out how Prize Insurance may amplify their promotion.


Contractual Bonus Insurance

Performance incentive bonuses are part of many contracts. Contractual Bonus Insurance is available to insure against the risk of having to pay those bonuses in the event the bonus conditions are met.
For example, a sporting goods clothing manufacturer has contract with a professional golfer to wear the company’s clothing on the course. The contract provides for an extra bonus to be paid to the golfer in the event he/she wins a major tournament. That non-guaranteed bonus is insurable with Contractual Bonus Insurance.


Over Redemption Insurance

A consumer promotion that does three times as well as expected sounds like a good thing. It is, until you consider that the cost of fulfilling all those consumer requests may consume the entire marketing budget for the year. Over Redemption insurance is available to address ensure that the cost of a successful promotion doesn’t damage the bottom line.

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