Event Cancellation For Tradeshows

Event Cancellation For Tradeshows

BUA’s ShowDown® Exhibition Event Cancellation Program is designed specifically for trade shows, conventions, consumer shows or meetings.

is an “All-Risk” policy and protects you and your organization against financial loss due to:
•Reduced Attendance
•Failure to Vacate the Venue

Many additional Coverage Extensions are provided automatically. For example, Terrorism, Property, Door Receipts, Newly Formed Events, Additional Marketing/Advertising Expenses and Hotel Commitments are all automatically included in the ShowDown® Event Cancellation Program.

ShowDown® Event Cancellation Insurance Program 
allows the show manager to:

•Return exhibitor fees
•Retain net profits
•Pay incurred expenses

Coverage is available worldwide and the form can be modified to address perils unique to location of the event.
To receive a no-obligation proposal, simply complete ShowDown® Event Cancellation Insurance Application.

Download ShowDown® Exhibition Event Cancellation Insurance Application