Coastal or Secondary Homeowners Insurance

Coastal or Secondary Homeowners Insurance

Designed for homes valued at $100,000 to $10,000,000 located on the coast or in remote locations.

•”All Risk” form (ISO HO-3).

•We can also provide coverage for art work and other valuable possessions.

•We provide a home inspection/appraisal service to establish your home’s replacement value.

•High Profile Individuals/Celebrities can be insured and liability can be provided.

•As much as $1,000,000 of Personal Liability insurance can also be provided.

•Proposals provided within 24 – 72 hours upon receipt of a completed application.

•Replacement Cost provided all proposals.

•Policy can also include Excess Flood coverage above the Federal Flood Insurance.

What is Insured?
Coverage for your home
If your home is damaged by a covered loss, Homeowners Insurance will pay to repair or replace it. We recommend insurance coverage sufficient to replace your home if it is destroyed. Replacement cost is not the same as market value, which usually includes the value of land and location!
Don’t be underinsured! Insure for the actual cost to rebuild your home using today’s labor and material costs!

Personal Property Coverage
Personal property you own or use is covered when you are anywhere in the world. The amount of coverage that applies is normally 50% of the replacement coverage amount for your home. Payments are made on a replacement cost basis – that is, “new for old” with no deduction for depreciation.
Certain types of personal property such as jewelry, silverware, and fine art have special limits of liability or ceilings as to how much will be covered. These can be fully covered if you tell us about them.

Additional Living Expenses and Rental Costs
This coverage is usually applied to primary homes. If your home is destroyed or damaged and not in livable condition, then the cost to rent a home similar to your own would be covered until your home is repaired or the limit of this coverage is reached. The amount usually offered is equal to 20% of the dwelling coverage amount.

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