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The weather may be difficult to predict and practically impossible to do anything about. The weather can, however, be insured. ShowDown® Weather Insurance protects events and activities that are exposed to the weather. It provides a layer of protection against the financial impact of adverse weather conditions.

The most unique feature of Weather Insurance is that it is typically written on a stated value basis. This means that the insured does not need to prove a loss. If the insured weather threshold is met – a pre-determined amount of rain or snow or a certain temperature – the policy limit is paid.

BUA offers its ShowDown® Weather Insurance in three categories

Events – effective for festivals, fairs, outdoor concerts, car shows and other events that are exposed to the elements
Commercial Film Shoots – production companies need a certain number of dry hours to complete filming
Promotions – jewelers, furniture stores, car dealers – practically any retailer – can offer a full or partial refund of a purchase if a specific weather event occurs