BUA Insurance Fire Dwelling Insurance conforms with Massachusetts guidelines for homeowners insurance for second homes, rental properties, vacation rentals, and other homes that do not serve as primary residences of the owners.

BUA Fire Dwelling Insurance features include:

•DP3 Form

•Replacement Cost on Dwelling and Other Structures

•Ability to include Liability coverage on the same policy (eliminates the need for a mono-line CGL policy)

•Available to individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts

•Primary, secondary, seasonal residences, short and long term rentals are all eligible

•Dwellings with up to 4 residential units are eligible

•Competitive rates

•”A” rated carrier

Quotes provided within 24-48 hours

•Minimum premium $750.

Agents able to provide 10+ accounts will be given access to BUA Xpress, our online platform which is available 24/7. Download a Homeowner Insurance application here.