Event Cancellation for Sporting Events

Whether in the US or around the globe, ShowDown® Event Cancellation covers everything from racing to rodeo.

Sporting events have significant financial exposures.  Many events are unique and involve a great deal of time and effort from the event organizer’s perspective.  Both indoor and outdoor events can be cancelled due to adverse weather, issues with the venue, an earthquake, terrorism or any host of other issues.

  • Price – ShowDown® ’s rates are highly competitive
  • Financial Security – We have access to a range of “A” rated (or better) insurance markets
  • Safety – Terrorism is always a concern with major sporting events. ShowDown® has broad options for Terrorism coverage.

Cancellation coverage for sports of all kinds

We’ve covered a huge range of sports events from the costs and losses associated with cancellation:

  • Golf tournaments
  • Tennis matches
  • Basketball games
  • Hockey matches

We believe it is critical that we discuss the aspects surrounding your event so we can tailor the coverage to meet your needs and budget. Please take a look at our application and contact us to find out what we can do for you.